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Blackstar's Satellite

"Welcome to the wild and hot world of BlackStar's Satellite. It's really terrifying in all the right ways. Hold on to me while I show you around. This site features 3D art in spoofs of actual TV characters and a famous erotic magazine. Play Boy has nothing compared to Slay Boy. The sexy ladies on the cover of Slay Boy are as dangerous as they are beautiful. Any man wanting to date one those hot sluts better be prepared for the time of his life. There's nothing like a hot and horny demon! It makes me so very nervous but I'll peek in with you… just hold on tight… I didn't mean there but it does feel so nice…

Ms. July of Slay Boy is a typical example of the magazine for men and demons. From the planet of Orion, this green skinned beauty is an aggressive female always looking for the next victim. Only one who has sex for the pure pleasure in the act. No one can resist the sexy green skinned honey. In an interview of the Slay Boy cover babe, you find out all the juicy details of the hot babes on the cover and they have a lot to say about being a Slay Boy lady demon. Yes… she does look scary but in all the right ways… I just wouldn't want to face her alone… Oh thanks… I think my bottom is cute too…

This site has many erotic art galleries besides the Slay Boy art gallery. In the erotic comic 'Unleashed' you meet a sexy professor Julia Stern. She's a real hottie. Her day starts out with finding out that her grant has been denied because another professor has bribed the head of the committee. As if this isn't enough, the sexy babe goes to her laboratory to find out that one of the necessary devices is malfunctioning. The professor is tempted to ask her sexy laboratory assistant for some action but backs down at the last moment. Alone in the laboratory, Julia decides to try the malfunctioning device and ends up bathed in the chemical and energy. It's exciting to see her change… I wonder what it feels like… It's the start of a new life for that hot babe. You'll really want to follow Julia's adventures in the coming months. Thanks for holding my… well… holding me so I'd feel safe… My panties are definitely wet so I should go change them… Bye for now…"


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